Impala - Winter 2015 21-12-2015

Impala - Winter 2015

21 december 2015

Dear IMPALA members,
With 2015 coming to an end, IMPALA’s 15th birthday year is well underway. We kicked off celebrations at Reeperbahn Festival, followed by Amsterdam Dance Event, and our next stop is Eurosonic, which was just announced as the winner of our Outstanding Contribution to Independent Music Award. ‘IMPALA 15’ features were published in The Independent Echo and MusikWoche, and will also appear in Music Week and Eurosonic Noorderslag’s magazine. The line-up for next year also includes special edition awards and a one-off spotlight on young independent labels.
We welcomed three new board members at our AGM: Nuno Saraiva, representing Portuguese association AMAEI, Kasper Find, representing Denmark’s DUP, and Andreas Ryser, representing IndieSuisse. Jonas Sjöström, representing Playground Music Scandinavia, Edel and SOM, was re-elected to President. Kees van Weijen, representing [PIAS] Rough Trade Distribution and STOMP, was re-appointed Chairman, and Geert De Blaere, representing BIMA, was re-elected as Treasurer, with Executive Chair Helen Smith.
Progress continues on the 'value gap', which was included in the EU's work plan on copyright published last week. At the same time, the 'power gap' issues raised in our Digital Action Plan and in our YouTube complaint are covered in the EU's consultation on platforms (open till the end of the year if you want to add your own voice).

As part of our ongoing work with artists and performers, our copyright working group organised an interesting meeting with key organisations last month. We looked at various initiatives we can build on, such as the WIN Fair Digital Deals Declaration which set the first standards over a year ago, and the recently adopted French Memorandum of Understanding which is wider, as well as the label/artist relationship and how independents work - a bit like craft beer as Edwyn from PIAS put it just the other day.  
On the finance side, the loan guarantee scheme is about to be launched and the EU is also now looking at a new programme just for the music sector, built around the one that already exists for film. Something we have been pushing for years, this could turn out to be an early Christmas present…
Many more topics are covered below so as usual feel free to pick and choose from the menu.

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