Win de WIN Award! 20-09-2018

Win de WIN Award!

WIN, de grote broer van STOMP, reikt op 10 november 2018 de 'WIN Award For Best International Music Video' uit tijdens de Soundie Awards. Kans maken op deze of de vele andere awards? Lees dan hieronder verder voor meer informatie!



  • WIN Award for Best international music video (Cash Price of €1000)
  • Mondosonoro Award Best National music video (Cash Price of €1000)
  • PAF Award for Best Music Video of a Catalan Artist. (Cash Price of €1000)
  • Enderrock Award for Best Music Video in Catalan Language (Cash Price of €900)
  • UFI Award for Best Music Video Award of an Independent Music Label signed up in a Music Association (Cash Price of €800)
  • APECAT Award for Best Editing Music Video (Cash Price of €800)
  • Best Gender Music Video (Cash Price of €500)
  • SAE Award for Best Novel Director (Cash Price of €1500)
  • Videolab Award for Best Low-cost (Cash Price of €2500)
  • Public Vote Award for Best Song form the pre-selected National Music Videos Free Digital Music Distribution + 500€ in YouTube promotion)
  • Best Special Effects. (Free Digital Music Distribution + 500€ in YouTube promotion)
  • Best Art Direction (Free Digital Music Distribution + 500€ in YouTube promotion)
  • ARC Award for Best Photography (Free Digital Music Distribution + 500€ in YouTube promotion)
  • Scanner FM Award for Best Creativity/Screenplay (Free Digital Music Distribution + 500€ in YouTube promotion)
  • Best Creativity / Screenplay – Rewarding screenwriter / creative (Free Digital Music Distribution + 500€ in YouTube promotion)
  • Best Animation – Rewarding the animation director (Free Digital Music Distribution + 500€ in YouTube promotion)


Artists, Record Labels or Producers can submit their music video through our website -

  • The organization will define the modality and section of the music video submitted, except for 3 categories that the participant may choose or not in the submitting form.
  • The duration of the piece will not exceed 9 minutes.
  • Only Music Videos that have been published after September 1 of the preceding year until October 7 of the current year may be submitted to the contest.
  • Each contestant may submit a maximum number of works up to Three (3).
  • The original recording format will be free.
  • Music Video from artists and / or independent companies can submit and attend the awards.


  • Registration will be done ON LINE on the web
  • The directors, producers, groups, artists or musicians that fill in the participation form in the Soundie Music Video Award must have all the authorizations and rights / permits granted of the video that they present to the competition.
  • In addition to the music video in digital format, the public URL of the video uploaded to any of the YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion platforms must be shared.
  • When registering the work, you will be asked for a series of data that will make up the registration form. Any questions will be answered at the email address
  • The registration period to compete ends on October 8 at 00: 00h of the current year.
  • In the registration process you must indicate the modalities to which you want to participate, there being a maximum limit of 3 prizes to which a video clip can be presented.


  • The pre-selected works will be announced the October 24, 2018 on the festival website. Previously, a confirmation email will be sent to each selected participant.
  • Videoclips that are pre-selected must be sent in HD file with h264 codec and minimum resolution of 1920 x 1080 -1080p- .mov or .mkv) before November 2 at the Festival Headquarters: Calle Trafalgar, número 10, Pral - 1ª Barcelona, C.P. 08010. In the package the following information must be clearly indicated : Title, Author, Length, Format, Screen resolution and Sound, and the address where the video it should be returned.
  • Or you can send The HD file with WeTransfer to
  • From October 24 we will contact all finalists personally by email to inform them and request the files in HD via Wetransfer or physical.
  • The sending of the selected Music Videos will be the responsibility of the participant, the organization will take care of returning the Videos to the participants.
 Music Video Awards 
Soundie, the International Festival of Music Video of Barcelona organized by La Cupula Music, opens today, until the 8th october, the call for submissions for its 3rd edition. This year the event will take place on the 10th of November at the Antiga Fàbrica Estrella Damm in Barcelona.
Last year, Soundie awarded 12 different prizes worth 12,000€, of which 4,000€ were cash prizes and another 8,000€ were audiovisual productions services. In addition, each winner was given an Award exclusively designed for the event.

For this year's edition, the Festival will be held during one day only at the Antiga Fàbrica Estrella Damm where we will present industry professional panels, workshops, musical performances and finally, an Awards ceremony where, this year, the value of the prizes is increased up to a total amount of 13,000€.

Additionally, three new Awards have been added to the list: Best Gender Equality Music Video, Best Music Video of Independent Label Registered in an Association and Popular Prize for Best National Song of the Pre-selected Videos.